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Million Goods Exclusive Track Premiere: PNC-004

Our friends at Puncture Records are allowing us the honor of exclusively premiering their latest release, PNC-004 featuring promising upstart in the Chicago scene Millia Rage and a B-Side with a remix from Puncture Records boss, IT-XPO.

Millia Rage touches down with a bludgeoning techno track. Sneaking through tactile percussion and rotting voices, Millia leaves little secrets behind on “I Dare You To Show Me A Way To Win At Life”. On the other end is a remix by IT-XPO, a pummeling B-Side that tests the waters of maxed out drum & bass. PNC-004 truly teeters the line between what we think we see in the shadows.

Millia Rage - I Dare You To Show Me A Way To Win At Life (PNC-004)

A1. I Dare You To Show Me A Way To Win At Life (Original Mix)


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