million goods pres. professional music feat. spf-50 & andrew devlin

June 18, 2021
Gertie 357 Grand St.
7 pm - 11 pm

Million Goods is proud to present Professional Music, a Brooklyn-based record label that describes itself as "fuzzy textures and lush pads." Headed by spf 50, with only a handful of releases Professional Music has defined a unique sound of dub infused house and breaks featuring the likes of MD-Thies, Samo DJ and spf 50. DJ sets will be provided by label head spf 50 and Level Party founder, Andrew Devlin where we expect to be enveloped in their atmospheric and energetic brand of dance music.

spf 50 - Founder of the Professional Music label as well as roaming parties, Bob & Shirley and Believe You Me

Andrew Devlin - The Level Party Founder

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